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Spirits & Soul Event

On June 14 2019, the Office of Agricultural Affairs with the sponsorship of Baron Philippe de Rotschild France Distribution and Brown Forman organized a reception in order to support U.S. whiskies and bourbon sales in France.  The event was a real succes with more than 160 invitees.


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Did you know that when American pioneers pushed west of the Allegheny Mountains following the American Revolution, the first counties they founded covered vast regions?  One of these original, huge counties was Bourbon, established in 1785 and named after the French royal family.  While this vast county was being carved into many smaller ones, early in the 19th century, many people continued to call the region Old Bourbon.  Located within Old Bourbon was the principal Ohio River port from which whiskey and other products were shipped.  ‘Old Bourbon’ was stenciled on the barrels to indicate their port of origin.  Old Bourbon whiskey was different because it was the first corn whiskey most people had ever tasted.  In time, bourbon became the name for any corn-based whiskey.”  Cowdery, Charles K., Bourbon, Straight: The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey.


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