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Marketing Opportunities


France is a major market for U.S. agricultural products. As per French Customs, in 2014, U.S. agricultural, fish and forestry exports to France totaled $1.3 billion, as per GTI World Trade Atlas/French Customs. Please note that these data differ significantly from the US Bureau of the Census trade data calculated using U.S. Customs trade data. These included soybeans, corn gluten feed, tree nuts, grapefruit, planting seeds, fish and seafood, forest products and many other value-added products.


These reports will give you an overlook of the French market and important tools to export your products; The Exporter Guide, The Food Processing Ingredients ReportThe HRI Food Service Sector, The Retail Food Sector, The Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards.


Niche markets beckon in the retail and food service sectors. Best prospects include fish and seafood; dried fruits and nuts; beverages, including non alcoholic beverageswines and spirits; frozen foods (ready-to-eat meals and specialty products); sweet and snack bars; tree nuts; ethnic foods; kosher foods and halal foods; innovative dietetic/health/food supplements and organic foods; soups; breakfast cereals; tropical fruits; sauces and confectionary products.


One of the best mean to penetrate the EU and French market is to participate in trade shows. You may click on The Exporter Guide to visualize the upcoming trade shows in France. 

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