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Presentations about Biofuels in the United States


The 2016 Billion-Ton Report: Advancing Domestic Resources for a Thriving Bioeconomy was released in July 2016. It is the third in a series of Energy Department national assessments that have calculated the potential supply of biomass in the United States. The report concludes that the United States has the future potential to produce at least one billion dry tons of biomass resources (composed of agricultural, forestry, waste, and algal materials) on an annual basis without adversely affecting the environment. This amount of biomass could be used to produce enough biofuel, biopower, and bioproducts to displace approximately 30% of 2005 U.S. petroleum consumption and would not negatively affect the production of food or other agricultural products. 


► the report online



On September 18, 2012, Marie-Cécile Hénard, Agricultural Specialist, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, presented the actions of the U.S. Government regarding biofuels.


► her presentation in English



On September 5, 2011, Paul Bryan, Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy, Biomass Program, presented the U.S. biorefinery strategy and progress at the European congress on plant based chemistry in Paris.

 ► his presentation in English



On September 9, 2010, Agricultural Attaché Lashonda McLeod presented an overview of government policies, current status and future trends of biofuels in the United States at the agricultural show Innovagri in Outarville.

► her presentation in English

► her presentation in French



On February 11, 2010, U.S. Embassy Public Affairs and the Office of Agricultural Affairs organized a one-day program for Marvin Duncan, Senior Economist, Office of Energy Policy at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. At the French Chambers of Agriculture (APCA), he presented up-to-date information on renewable energies in rural America. 


► his presentation in English



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