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►Table of contents of the April 2013 Biofuels and Biobased Products Newsletter



 - DOE renews funding for bioenergy research centers

- USDA invites applications for renewable energy system and energy efficiency improvement projects

- EPA issues final rule for additional qualifying renewable fuel pathways under the RFS program

- USDA:  renewable energy system and energy efficiency improvement guaranteed loan and grant program - technology

- EPA finalizes 2013 biomass-based diesel volume 

2.  Economics

- New USDA-Dupont conservation collaboration to promote sustainable harvesting of biobased feedstocks for cellulosic ethanol

- USDA/ARS - Measuring the potential of switchgrass pellets

- USDA agriculture projections to 2022

- Iowa State University report: biobased automobile parts investigation

- Renewable Fuels Association's new publications

3. Science

- DOE advanced technologies for biology brochure

- USDA announces investments in bioenergy R&D

- Corn cobs on deck for cellulosic feedstock

- USDA grants support sustainable bioenergy production

- DOE Joint Research Institute strategic planning for the genomic sciences

- USDA DOE plant feedstock awards



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